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Our children are born with unsurpassable worth granted to them by a mighty God.

We must fight for them, everyday.


I write and talk about education


Hello from Minnesota.

I'm Citizen Stewart, an evangelical, husband, father, writer, speaker, essayist and education activist.

I amplify ideas that increase educational opportunity for black people, families, and communities.

I do this by challenging the dominant discourse about black people, our students, and our schools.

I am a voice of the never ended battle between my ancestors and their oppressors.

I am their enduring demand for FREEDOM.



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I am always up for discussion and hearing new ideas!

To write me: chris@citizenstewart.org

To book me: kristi@citizenstewart.org

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Me in person


Panel Discussion on ESSA - National Newspaper Publishers Association

Panel Discussion on Black voice in education - NABJ joint event with Citizen Education

Panel Discussion on threats to school choice - National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

Keynote on Education Reform and parent power - Washington State Charter Schools annual conference

Panel Discussion on school choice and the Black community - Education Leaders of Color national convening

Panel Discussion on Charter School leaders of color - 24th Annual California Charter School Association conference

Panel Discussion, Race, Social Justice, and School Reform - American Enterprise Institute

Panel Discussion on Black parents and education activism - UNCF release of Building a Better Narrative report

Panel Discussion on the NAACP's moratorium on charter schools - National Association of Charter School Authorizers

Keynote on Black educational activism - Black Education Strategy Roundtable

Keynote on Student Activism - Students For Education Reform annual summit, New Orleans

....and more